Fairy Tale

At work on a fairy tale,  first venture into the romance genre (about time; I’m not getting any younger.  Plan to complete a healthy draft this weekend.  Title: to be determined! –but about Jesus! –about being with Jesus! –and all the pleasures of that!


No pictures; this in-progress work does not yet have a buyer, but , of course I hope… Well, back to writing, and writing, and writing….  Wanted to see “The Theory of Everything” about Stephen Hawking tomorrow, but will be too busy writing…

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale

  1. Moxie Supper Post author

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to ready it and serve up paragraphs for every meal! –make it delicious please! And unnecessary to take any vitamin supplements! Full lifetime of nutrients! –my appetite is already craving this! –you know how hungry Moxie Supper can get!



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