Completed draft: “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine”

Very happy! Exceedingly pleased to say that I’ve completed a draft of “Once Upon A Sky-Blue Tine” my fairy tale, in which “Mongongo Drupe” a chapter in “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine” will be published by Callaloo!

No indication yet, that there is anything but a draft, but at least there’s progress with this 160 page mini-tome.

Please celebrate with me! Joy all around!  –and now an additional sonic part recommended by one of my Facebook friends: Christopher Hall: Blue Skies (those blue tines, you know!)

quote from the manuscript that makes this video addition “perfect”: I choose a white and blue striped dress, for no particular reason –it’s perfect for the season; I like how it looks on me, and it’s the color of the sky, the sky that will be over me in Chicago that day

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