Working very hard right now on the fairy tale revision, becoming an even better book.  “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine” is steadily becoming better…   I will be working very hard on this, between bouts of MS, especially optic neuritis  which render me legally blind in my left eye; I maintain such hope for this piece; fairy tale of my life –a life I very much want to preserve with hope for all, and for this reason, as many of you may know, I’m quite pleased that very soon, practically any day now, a bit of sex-positive feminism that is a chapter of the fairy tale, “Mongongo Drupe” will soon, very soon now be published as follows:

Info about acquiring the issue of “Callaloo” in which “Mongongo Drupe” will appear this month: February 2015:

Issue of Callaloo in which “Mongongo Drupe” will appear:

  issue, 38.1 winter 2015 and can be purchased from this website:
Once the issue is actually published later this month –in time for my 61st birthday (27 February

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