My Birthday!

So, today is the birthday of Thylias Moss! –but not hers alone! others born today  Here’s a little Cafe Astrology for today  some history for today.

Up all night trying to capture some written essence of today.  More about Thylias Moss from around the web.

Pond behind my house remains completely snow-covered.  This day in history from the history channel…. And this day is history from history orb

A little world history.

D-marie time capsule about 27 February

(some) Black History for today

A little Native American history for 27 February

Wounded Knee on 27 February.

More history for today!!

Some food history for today

Oldies music in history.

Foodimentary history

Dominican Republic in history on this day

BBC -entertainment for 27 February

and a portion of this reminds me of  Green Light and Gamma Ways….

Space Weather – 27 February

South African Biodiversity Institute and some significance of this date in this context.

That’s it for now… History is never stopping; that’s the point! –go forth and be part of it.

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