Homage to Leonard Nimoy as the Vulcan Mr. Spock LLAP!

First, I must deal with the fact, that   Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, half Vulcan and half human (He’s a blend just like I am, Native American, African American, and Caucasian), Mr. Spock, from facebook

died on my 61st birthday! 02/27/2015.

I was dazzled! –completely shaken, as this man has been my first serious crush (I’m so pleased to say) ….     I want to be from Vulcan also, and sometimes felt as if I were from someplace else, somewhere that would allow me to cross many boundaries of space and time, as if there were no boundaries at all, especially between people (yeah; such idealism is mine, no matter how impractical; I realize that wars will continue to be fought, and it’s very unlikely that people will ever “get along” –too much has happened for many of us to just forgive and forget.  So contrary to a sense of justice for which someone is guilty, and not just society itself.  

Perhaps why I’m so touched, so inspired by a story about the Gainesville Tornadoes...

And this tribute to Leonard Nimoy on CBS news, Sunday Morning –please enjoy this bittersweet passage –because Mr. Spock doesn’t end –a tine, behaving as all tines do! LLAP! LLAP!  LLAP! –in your new form….

Some photos of me from my 61st birthday, 02/27/2015, also date of Mr. Spock’s death, from COPD, same as my father in 1980, 13 July 1980:

Birthday pic 7 (02:27:2015)Birthday pic 4 - o2:27:2015Birthday pic 6 (02:27:2015)

Here is the “forker girl” youtube playlist of Leonard Nimoy videos (a list in progress)

Mr. Spock youtube playlist.

My beloved father (Daddy’s girl speaking! –pure Daddy’s girl, and I’m not ashamed of this! –he understood me as no one ever did…  Please try to understand my Calvin-tight crop 1950 copyCalvin & Thylias in WeddingBrasier family circa 1959 copy



continued attachment. Only photos of my father and I together.  My father used to Vulcanize tires (for the Cardinal Tire Company, in Cleveland, Ohio, and though I searched feverishly for some online recollection of this establishment I couldn’t find it, so cannot link with evidence of this memory, and Mr. Spock being from the Planet Vulcan, this coincidence is just too much!  My father vulcanized tires for a company that no longer exists –I can find no mention of it as if it’s more mythic than anything that ever existed… and this is fitting, since I was writing about the Vulcan mind-meld  in my fairy tale, “Once upon a Sky-Blue Tine” and trying to figure out what possible meaning could be associated with my birthday –that I was determined to minimize –who am I? and what difference do I really make?  –that is, I am not the center of the universe or universes that converge and diverge in space I occupy… Not my private universe at all…  

There’s just something about that mind-meld! –I’ve found the idea of it to be so very sexy; not the only way it was used on Star Trek, but when it worked, how dazzling. Mind gives birth to just about everything.  I’m glad to host a place so un-boundaried inside myself… Just the way my Daddy tried to raise me! –even to consideration of what lay beyond the stars! –he never, for instance, suggested to me that the moon was made of cheese –he suggested rocks, beautiful rocks, some of which might glow depending on what they interacted with, maybe green (Spock green) –maybe they would glow green! as in Verde, the Greening of Electrons a video poam I made, while I was still married, but here it is –please note — no Lorca from my ex-spouse, only a dream I had; only a dream… Sweet and green dream, but only a dream…so is everything! everything! My Mr. Spock youtube playlist

I grew up with a father always interested in how things connected… Perhaps he was aided in his view by his own mixtures of racial components, Native American, Caucasian, and African American, half of course (as was the Vulcan Mr. Spock a half-breed, a mulatto, mixed blood, as if anyone doesn’t come from a mixture of blood; as if there’s any one of us not mixed! 

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