Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realties RED DRESS CODE”

So happy to have this video poam represent some of my emergence and some of my becoming this “Hoochie Mama” –of course, I continue to evolve and connect with what passes through me and with what I pass through; just by seemingly standing still;  this happens! There are still interactions on so many scales! –all of it temporary! But no denying (that’s “true”) that interactions happen! –just a “Gallery”, a system of reality! 
And now, this video poam is source of title (and some meaning) of my new book of poams / poems, New and Selected coming out around September 2016 –a collection of squiggles forming “one big remarkable thing!” –this “Hoochie Mama” is making something out of how things connect! As I “feel and grope” on my way! –somewhere! 
–event of red dress may happen! I need to get some red dresses! for when I share some of the poams / poems in the book: “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities RED DRESS Code” –can’t wait until the book (by Thylias Moss)  becomes available from Persea! A collection of squiggles; new and selected squiggles! –oh my!

Music by  -Ansted Moss and his Strexx Audio lab Strexx audio lab:

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