A little something about Doormats – a response to dumping

About Doormats:

I cannot deliberately hurt you.

I can’t even say things against you and mean them…

Not what I want for you at all.  

I care too much about you.  

I want you to be happy, and I feel like a fool for saying this, but nothing that has happened has caused me  to withdraw all forms of  love. 

And even a doormat is powerful in its protection of floor! —yes; it’s stepped on, and those who have stepped unwisely can wipe their feet, but they are the ones most in need of services doormats provide. Praise be to doormats!  

Time for me to elevate doormats —Oh, I’ve joked to myself about a sweetness of revenge that I can’t sustain, and I’m glad, for revenge isn’t sweet at all. And I ask forgiveness for even thinking about it.

because I already know that love in any of its forms is much sweeter than revenge… 

Love is stronger than revenge, stronger than hurt for when these are gone, the hurter wants love, the hater wants love, even if they aren’t sure how to get it, but it is something  elusive to them that they want, and maybe the sheltered for protecting all forms of  love know best how to get it, and how to give it… 

I’m still working on this.  

Genuine Friendships are built on the most powerful forms of love… 

For true friendships have to be able to endure storms and rages throughout every universe to which one may fork —it is love that ultimately survives…  —this is a reality of life, a reality of my life —just as real as anything else, and love is also a bridge, a lifeline, a tether —and it works better for being sheltered protected from what would make it less effective by exposure and a reduction of some of love’s power.  Love in all of its forms requires sheltering to be love… 


Ted Talk about Compassion with Rabbi Janice Tabick,

my favorite Ted Talk

2 thoughts on “A little something about Doormats – a response to dumping

  1. Moxie Supper Post author

    I’m glad you’re learning about the strength, the need for doormats! Moxie is so glad that you understand this need for that function, the ease you provide for the journeys of others. Keep praising doormats; Doormats are as real as anything else, and even that man NO LONGER in your life this way needs them… Yes; be that Warrior for Compassion! –that Warrior for Forgiveness! World needs more of this! And you realize something essential about “true” friendship… Trust me, Moxie understands, and have a doormat right outside my door; one must wipe their feet in order to enter the Moxie Kingdom –couldn’t get in without a doormat… Listen; there’s probably a form of doormat safeguarding entry into heave. I praise Doormats with you!



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