Brighter Days

I, Thylias Moss, am happy to report that additional publications are happening! –various poams in various journals, making “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities RED DRESS Code” –a volume of new and selected poetry coming out from Persea Books in September 2016,  –of course, I’m very excited about this,

but even more by a restoration of a friendship that is fuel to so much of my making… While mentioning details at this time would be inappropriate, let’s just say that I feel strengthened, empowered, and ready, as I tend to be, to take on the world –and I’m so very excited by that collection of prose poams, soon to have a publication home! (sample from the collection: “Yes, Melvie, My Killer Comes) –that’s right! –also in 2016, a collection of prose poams: “LFMK (Looking for My Killer)“, a public service collection WILL BE PUBLISHED! 2016! –LOOK FOR IT!

When it’s okay to name the publisher, be assured that I will! –also coming to a journal is my poam, a response to a poam by a remarkable fellow poet, Bob Holman, about Bananas –will be published!  –can’t wait until I can supply details! –I think through Wayne Literary Review –yeah Wayne State University Literary work, important work, and I’m glad for this connection! –will say more as soon as possible.

In the meantime,  also be advised that the University of Michigan has made it official that I am now: Professor Emerita! –just as I should be! –in service to the University since 1993


There are a few misleading comments in this letter of honor; this honor didn’t come to me as easily as it should have; a high-ranking staff member in the Department of English, Jane Johnson, Department Manager, saw to it that my retirement was more properly handled; I was not on a list of those to be honored until Ms. Johnson personally saw to it to address this oversight.

Please note some inconsistencies between what the letter says and realities… Remains an honor regardless, but I want to set the record more straight than the letter  indicates.  please note the reference to “Limited Fork Poetics” –nice to see that mentioned, since I’ve dedicated my life to those principles involving a shift in education from exclusive “Professorial authority” to a form of more collaborative, in which students become something more valued, co-learners, just what “professors” should be, not those in whom “learning” has become finite, but those who continue to learn and apply this knowledge through-out their lives, never reaching a place where learning is no longer necessary –we do not, we should not assume that we professors, necessarily know all there is to know about our subjects, and why maintain such boundaries when entire persons of endless varieties are  being educated and must find ways to encourage populations to be more responsive to realities of existences?  Co-learners, which should be all of us! –must face constantly shifting worlds that include atmospheres, ecologies, acknowledgement that this is indeed a shared community that includes life in myriad forms, not just for the exploitation of humans who place themselves, especially white men at the top of everything, the first world; other animals are made to suffer because of human chauvinism and bravura!

–Not just “Limited Fork Poetics” anymore, but an evolution into “Limited Fork Theory” –as students of this theory know themselves! –courageous students who often joined me in opposing the administration which was so slow to change, so slow to adapt, even when adaptation was all around the academy that remained as it had always been, so concerned with status quo! –I remember being called in when other, more constrained students complained that I wasn’t offering the traditions (which include slavery, I might say, and suppression of women, took a while –and this, sadly, remains in progress, for various groups to assume all rights that a constitution supposedly grants to all citizens! –and now just who is and who is not a citizen? –please read Claudia Rankine’s startling and necessary collection of poetry: “Citizen“, for more info about this!

–I remember being called in and explaining that I did indeed offer traditions, Limited Fork theory traditions, I said, and then I was left alone to offer this; the MacArthur Fellowship (1996) empowered me to be listened to, and offer this (limited) forking theory without whole-hearted support by the University who definitely respected “the genius award“, added to the university’s prestige as well as my own;  this award gave me the freedom to offer what should be offered; allowed me to pursue my ideas no matter how strange they might otherwise seem! –yes; “the strangeness of genius“! –yes; that “genius grant” –really made all the difference! –and indeed, strangeness of Black genius, IQ, to be exact –such as Nine Simone?

Of course, not all “genius” is recognized as “genius” when it presents itself

obvious craziness becomes recognized as “genius” once the world (or something) catches up with those minds… Black intelligence –a source of real problems; equal civil rights does not mean as assumption of equal minds! –indeed, Black intelligence! –considered oxymoronic by many! –or a sign of brilliance? –hmm?

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