Have been in a blazing fury of writing –as if my life depends on writing, and it does.  Writing, and writing about everything I can, and most difficult for me is writing about my aneurysms, cranial aneurysms, one of which ruptured and nearly killed me on the night that Amy Winehouse died.    The night of my death also; yes –it seems that I’ve returned, but what is here is a resurrected form –I shouldn’t even be able to talk, let alone write, but here it is; I don’t really care if it’s good or bad –so, so nice to feel this unusual motivation, the laptop doing the best it can, this silicone typing skin covering the keyboard, so that the depressing of every key seems to have an echo, as if, almost, as if, I’m doubling the words…

Tonight I completed  a first draft of what might become a chapbook –an idea for writing I couldn’t stop! —I didn’t want to write it, but I indeed was compelled –almost as if I would never, never write again —I was sitting on the couch reading, reading, don’t know what I was reading, when light poured into the room, seemed to set the room ablaze, as if the sky had cracked open, and this light, (light I didn’t see on the night I died); went into the hospital, the ER, on that July night, expecting to come home that very night, but came home in October, and began my new life.  Light, stunning and unexpected radiance filled my lap!    

Every crack of the room was ablaze! –what celebration! –I was not alone! –as if , as if, the light itself was writing! –indeed my laptop blazed! –I have since doused this fire! –Amazing what can still be accomplished with MS and two cranial aneurysms! –just one rupture however! –I’m supposed to be dead, but I’m not! –I defied the odds

It was as if the sky itself had an aneurysm rupture! –no other way could I explain such extraordinary illumination! –yes; there was the title of a poem right there, a poem of my new life! –an “Aneurysm of the Firmament”! aneurysm1-1 aneurysm1 Aneurysm2 aneurysm3 How I look now: Birthday pic 7 (02:27:2015)   Thylias Moss (Forker Gryle) at Hannan Cafe- photo taken by WL Bush copy I have two aneurysms, one in my forehead, the one that ruptured, and killed the form of me that was the only “me” there was until that night, and now this changeling form is the only one that there will ever be…. Time bomb in my head, above my right ear… Could rupture anytime; hope it doesn’t of course….  (at least) Not before these books are published: 1.”Wannabe Hoochie Mama” –my big New and selected collection of poetry, due in the fall of 2016 from Persea. 2. MAYBE! also a collection of prose poams: “LFMK: Looking for my Killer (a PSA, of sorts) –manuscript has been submitted to a potential publisher, just waiting for an answer… Not bad for someone who wasn’t supposed to ever talk again, let alone write! 3. Chapbook! “Aneurysm of the Firmament” –newly completed… I’m so very hopeful! –haven’t had a new book since 2006 and Tokyo Butter, from Persea… Tokyo Butter cover

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