Greatest poem ever! –HIGGINSON MATTERS! –in my book of New & selected poetry, 09/2016

Happy to report that I have now written the greatest poem of my life! –“HIGGINSON MATTERS IN MAGNIFICENT CULTURE OF MYOPIA”  one of the new poems that will be published iin my collection: “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code”, a volume of New and selected poetry scheduled for publication September 2016…


Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Codes”

The very magical poem I have somehow managed to write!

I am steadily working on building a new life for myself. Despite what hurts, what helps, and what sometimes does both. I was stupid to stay so long in a relationship I knew wasn’t right practically from the beginning! He was cheating on the teenager me right from the beginning –I found out two weeks after the wedding, and yet I stayed –for forty years… Just glad to have survived and to be out of that marriage… And now… My own poetry is suffering, my new and selected volume due out in the fall of 2016 will contain a variation of a poem (“Magnificent Culture of Myopia“) written while I was married (Published in Tokyo Butter, and my “signature” poem about myopia seems to be about him, and I can’t allow my new book, first book since 2006, to appear to center on him; even my myopia has changed, optic-neuritis, now, part of my MS… I have submitted a revision, and at least it was true at the time of the revision. I can live with more recent –temporary– truth, than I’m willing to live with old truth no longer true at all, and not in my poetry where truest forms of me reside… I remain hopeful that newer temporary truths will prevail so my 2016 “WANNABE HOOCHIE MAMA GALLERY OF REALITIES’ RED DRESS CODES” NEW & selected (emphasis on NEW) –to be published by Persea Books— will steer me towards newer forms of life that I become able to find….


I have learned that my poetry editor agrees with me concerning the revision; a version of the revision WILL BE! in my new collection, my editor at Persea,  said the re-vision is “a ‘very’ impressive poem. Amazing work, you!”

–I could feel it as I wrote it! Embedded in the words and my need for those words to be heard! –and they were!

That tremendous music!

I really had the sense of surviving all of what I’ve been through!

Poetry indeed has such power!

Poetry is saving my life!

The truest forms of me can learn how to breathe again through that poem! My editor read the poem and felt it too!

A surging of current!

A form of merger between multiple ways of trying to understand, trying to see “myopia!”

I will be performing this very magical poem as part of the Detroit Lit walk, sponsored by ML Liebler on 19 September 2015, between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm EST at N’Namdi in Detroit: 

52 E. Forest Ave. Detroit, MI 48201

Here is a flyer about the event; please come all who can, and I will perform “Higginson Matters in Magnificent Culture of Myopia” to the best of my abilities!

Actual Detroit lit walk poster2Please attend if you can! –a wonderful day is anticipated!

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