Romance Novel coming!

Very happy ro report some progress with my 549 page, 77,021 word romance novel!

I have heard from the industry reader, and he says this:

“I think the majority of the work is done. Structurally, it’s pretty sound, and everything you’ve added to it has been to its benefit. I’m focusing on a few remaining structural issues and some line-editing, but the result should not require a huge amount of work on your part. After that I think it’ll be ready to shop around.

So rest easy, I think it’s getting very close, and the majority of the work for you is done. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and I thank you for your patience with me.”

–I added my heart!–

Seems to me that a romance novel is going to exist! Much, much closer than I was, and so I’ll celerate, but will not count any dollars I have not yet received…  

Can’t wait to hear from this excellet reader with his suggestions for final –brief— revisions..  

Be still my heart!  Time to do some cartwheels!

Author image from my walk in Ypsilanti rain; didn’t significaantly alter my hair, my butt-kissing hair –forgive me, but this 62-year-old-woman is delighted with that… And my mixture of races.  As real as anything.

And much of the mixture comes from this man, my father’s father: Causcasian, Native American, and Indian Ancestry (I learned from Ancestry dot com).  Lived mostly in Tennessee; I suppose that opportunities for his parents to meet came from a diverse labor  force to build the railroads.

Frizzell Brasier copy


Grandfather above, Granddaughter below.

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