Good Things: an update

It gives me great pleasure to mention these things on the horizon as it settles into something wonderful.


First of all, on 30 November 2016, 7:00 pm, I will be reading at Columbia University  –really looking forward to that for many, many reasons.  Will post pictures and hope to take many.  I’ve been good at forgetting to take photos of significant events.  Many thanks to Timothy Donnelly for inviting me.

First time I will get to read “Higginson Matters in Magnificent Culture of Myopia“, my signature poem in “Wannabe” that will be published in “The Fiddlehead” (of Canada) next month; first time I will get to read this poem  to Higginson himself –who has already told me that he will be there –and there will be grapes! –(as there were when I read this poem at the Pulitzer Fine Arts Foundation in St. Louis, MO, for the reading in the courtyard, following a viewing of my video poem, “The Glory Prelude to a Widow Shrine System” still on exhibit in the Ellipsis show through 2 July, so hurry to see it on display, while you can)

A couple of video stills from “The Glory Prelude”:

and peaches (as the poem actually says) when I read “Higginson Matters” at N’Namdi’s in Detroit, MI.  Both times I read the poem, I asked him to lisen carefully, so that he would hear me reading his poem; the way the wind would carry iy into his ears, but now I will get to read it to him in person, and I am so delighted.  Nervous and delighted.  Anxious and eager to  read “Higginson Matters”  at Columbia, in Higginson’s city…

I’ve read this poem  a couple of times, but never to the man the poem is about, and I’m so glad to have a chance to do this.  More glad than I know how to say, although I am a poet, and presumably should be able to find a way to articulate things, but my heat is so full. A photo of me in his hat (featuring, I have to say it, while I’ve still got it, my buttkissing hair, age 62, no enhancements at all; natural hair, no weave, no hairpieces, no extensions, and no augmentations or reductions, no facelift –nothing but grace  of genetics, 98 pounds by natural means, never a diet, okay, I do need to see a dentist):







“A Walk in the Rain” 


Higginson has never seen me in person with hair , natural hair, this length; hope he likes it… Who knows, maybe it will be even longer come November. 


My forthcoming book a Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code is now listed on the publisher’s website: Persea Press where it says this:

Hurray!  Hurray!  Hurray! 

Thylias Moss, one of American poetry’s great innovators, is a national taxonomist and secular preacher who catalogues our culture and responds in gorgeous outrage to its injustices. This career-spanning volume conveys the hypnotic spectrum of her full poetic output, from Hosiery Seams on  a Bowlegged Woman, her 1983 debut, to Slave Moth, her acclaimed 2006 novel in verse, to more than fifty page of new poems. Whether in early or recent writing, Moss make no promises of smooth sailing: even when her poems begin with beloved cultural icons (Robert Frost, Doctor Who, the Statue of Liberty), they insist on new perspectives, truths, and realities. She is a fearless reimaginer of poetry’s possibilities, a writer who seems made for (and by) the digital age—its blitz of interactivity and reinvention—a futuristic archivist always compelled by the current moment.  Arranged chronologically, this volume offers us Moss as she has evolved through the past three decades, recognizable yet unpredictable, ever “a poet of fierce intelligence and radiant intensity” (Martín Espada). Wannabe Hoochie Mama of Realities’ Red Dress Code is in indispensable book, a record of who this essential writer has been and where she may be heading.

Praise for Thylias Moss

“Thylias Moss is a permanent American poet, canonical in the old, authentic sense.”—Harold Bloom

“As if the muse of Wallace Steves were transplanted into the body of a black, female pop-culture maven.”—David Yaffe, Village Voice

“It’s tempting to confuse Moss with the characters she describes, so deeply does she appear to inhabit their lives. . .[with] her trademark intensity and ferocious intelligence.”—Jabari Asim, Washington Post Book World

“Reading Thylias Moss is always dangerous and exhilarating, because one never knows exactly when the poem might explode and leave its reader marked forever.”—Raphael Campo, Parnassus Poetry in Review

“Thylias Moss names the black truths behind white lies. She is a writer who speaks bitterness and makes her own music of it.”—Marilyn Hacker, Women’s Review of Books

About the Author

Thylias Moss is Professor Emerita in the departments of English and Art & Design at the University of Michigan. Her eight previous books of poetry include Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler, a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist, and Slave Moth, named Best Poetry Book of 2004 by Black Issues Book Review. Moss is a recipient of the fellowships from the Guggenheim and MacArthur foundations, among other honors. She lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


"Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery f Reliries" Red Dress Code

Cover of “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery Of Realities’ Red Dress Code


Best for me is discovery of  a recording of a love poem writtten for me a little while ago, but finding it online, answered so many questions for me, that is if I needed proof of his caring, I have it now… and no; I can’t post a link because this is not public, just something that soothes my heart –has been online since February, but I didn’t find it until this week, and I have listened to nothing else… listening to it now. It’s hearing the poem in his voice –it’s everything, everything.  I already had the poem memorized, but this is heaven. Heaven.  “It’s for somebody who knows who she is,” he says introdcing the poem, and I do know who I am… I really do.

I remain in love, but with fewer questions, and I will leave it at that, as I should. 

And I will be moving; preparing to sell my house, downsize; live more appropriately for just a woman who does not need a giant house, too much for me to manage.  Not sure where I will live, but not where I am.


Oh, how can I forget this! –my editor’s comments about my romance novel! –such encouragement, but not done yet; here’s what my editor has to say:

“I think the manuscript is close. To give you an overall sense, I think the majority of the work is done. Structurally, it’s pretty sound, and everything you’ve added to it has been to its benefit. I’m focusing on a few remaining structural issues and some line-editing, but the result should not require a huge amount of work on your part. After that I think it’ll be ready to shop around.

So rest easy, I think it’s getting very close, and the majority of the work for you is done. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and I thank you for your patience with me.”

I hope to make the final edits/additions soon! — (549 pages, 77,021 words –and counting –of pure romance… ) and then I hope that publishers will nibble so that book #12 becomes a reality, with any luck, this year.  

I am proud of what I accomplished, and will be only happier when a publisher is found… My favorite book ever! 


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