ROMANCE NOVEL: More Great News!!!

I am so pleased, so particularly pleased to be able to say that my wonderful editor Jason Kirk  had even more good news to report:


He has indeed recieved a copy of my ROMANCE NOVEL, and in just a cursory consideration, likes what he’s seen.  


This gives me so much hope, and I cannot wait to hear what happpens next.

I just  need (want)  to hear a more detailed response from the only other reader, my closest friend in this world, not because I need his approval; I just like to have his opinion.  


Here’s to my editor and here’s to my friend!

And I begin to celebrate romance with this song, “Love Me Back” by Kenny Lattitmore (one of my favorite songs) and “Lovers Rock” by Sade:



By the way, my hair is as long as Sade’s 


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