Bad News –and Good News!

Significant progress and been made…. 


Draft of romance novel complete! And accepted by my editor, Jason Kirk! –there is a wonderful synopsis and everything! –he’s  sending it out to a publisher today!  

Now all I have to do is wait (I don’t mind that –good to have to wait for this, because I am convinced that this romance novel will be a book! 





and a bit of disturbing news on the horizon, at least I am disturbed, as the second reader, although he likes the book  — wants more concealment of his identity…

And I have just learned the truth: he has private memory of something now gone.

At least now I do not have to wonder.   I still have my best friend.  I am not  love with a “real” man at all,   but get to realize that love with my character… So I am officially alone again.  Officially unattached.  Imagine that.


Happy for the book, sorry for the heart.

A youtube playlist of heartbreak for dying love, the love was all mine, but now it’s dying  not the friendship, just the love affair –there isn’t one, and now the next book in the romance series will be so different from anything I imagined, now I get to write about heartbreak ( still working through e furlongs. :

and Ain’t no way Aretha Franklin:

and “Call Me” Aretha Franklin in case he ever gets back to love, and somehow those matters of proximity and distance can somehow be bridged:


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