Title poem from “Wannabe”

Very happy to report that the title poem:

Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code




of my book: “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code


is now live on the Boston Review website:



Please enjoy! –I do.



and here is the video poem I made, wtith the same title, source of the title of the book, by the way, as this video existed before the book did:



Text from the youtube location of this video poem:

…considers some of the poetry of existence, how ways in which things come together –how things converge in some way for some period of time are forms of poetry
(capable of overcoming barriers)

forms of poetry that occur on all scales and should be able to occur in some way in any form of reality

So this video celebrates beauty of the temporary, the limited bond of linking –of course things can and do fall apart, but such collapse does not overcome an ability to connect and build; yes –ways of meeting and the structures that meeting and interaction form

In this video: adoration of flexible framing systems of realities, adoration of patterns formed by interacting, these connections as extensions of possibilities, as kaleidoscopic symmetries (a form of fractal thinking)
(a form of system of infinitely shifting mirrors and reflections)

…a seeking of pleasing (for there are others); a search for an overwhelmingly pleasing iteration of an applied philosophical principle of Limited Fork Theory

…a necessity of looking for ways to connect and meanings of connections (none of which may be permanent) wherever they occur, in any reality, tiny or large, visible or invisible

…sometimes even stopping to make sure that what may be accessed right where you are is not as overlooked or as understudied as usual

…considers connections made right here, including the work of robertodedomenico in youtube reality (his channel: http://www.youtube.com/robertodedomenico)

the work of JohnTheMistyc (http://www.youtube.com/JohnTheMistyc)

and sounds from Strexxaudiolab –some of which are part of this video study of realities and connections and centers of existences (the Strexxaudiolab channel: http://www.youtube.com/Strexxaudiolab)

For outcomes of connections and opportunities tend to be collaborative; this video in responding to perceptions of realities is in a partnership with those realities. Each response is a perceptual remix of something noticed, something experienced; this video poam (product of act of making) explores some of what I am noticing and trying to understand about possibilities of possible realities

(including those that are possible in the quite real location called imagination –which is capable of generating and sustaining universes [on some scale for some duration of time] –universos magnificos).

Thank you for watching/reading/hearing/experiencing this work, for being willing to subject yourself to a possibility of a remixing of thinking, a remixing of perception, and than you for navigating some metaphysical traffic –some nature of realities.

This is (some of) the art that realities configure in the patterns of their interactions and intersections.

Art-full realities and art-full universes.

Window-shopping for realities; anything that exists –even lies and other forms of the imaginary– is real for being part of reality.

Realities as window-dressing.

A parade of realities

(that a system of reflections on windows of an art gallery and surrounding retail shops and restaurants
presents to someone who in observing patterns of a system of reflections becomes part of that system of reflections)

(even a parade of deeply-embedded red dresses: red dress, after red dress, after red dress –so many vivid chances for incredible tailoring)

A shuffling of what’s possible (including identities) (the hand that’s dealt) as stuff interacts (on State Street). Red Dress as perceptual illusion (illusions exist, are real) in the GALLERY OF REALITIES. Explores a flexibility of realities that allows anything to come together –on some scale, even if just for the briefest, immeasurable amount of time. As things appear to come together, here and there somewhere for some length of time (not that time must be or is best represented as length) RED appears to succeed in its pursuit of dress, and a Hoochie Mama moment occurs, is tailored (in the reality [temporarily] supportive of that reality mix): a Red Dress moves in, on, through her, or hovers (sunset remix) or remains (just) out of reach (may the devil always be just so).

That Red Dress moment is also code for extended Euphoria of Reality.
The Immersed Life.

(spoken words by Thylias Moss)

This video poem is the title of my forthcoming volume of poetry: Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code”, my 11th book from Persea (details at the Persea website) http://www.perseabooks.com/detail.php…

Please enjoy this world, life, and opportunities to ba part of whatever you are part of!

I know that I am glad to be here, no matter what, loving every moment! –the delights of existence! How wonderful to be able to experience anything! 

I tell myself this every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Trying to look my  “Hoochie Mama” best!





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