Bitter Disappointment!

Life goes on!


No matter what. I had hoped I was travlling with love, but I have learned I am not.  Just found out within the hour, that the man to whom I gave my heart openly has a girlfriend.  At least he called me and informed me.  But I am still visibly upset.  I had dreams of seeing him again and everything, but now a very different kind of book I can write.


This happens when so any other things were tryng to become as they should be.

I just wanted my personal life to be right, but he has a girlfriend, and it is not me.  At least he told me; he had that much decency.  I will give him that much credit.    I am trying to be tolerant of this; nothing ever said that he and I would become anything lasting despite my hopes and my dreams; yes, my dreams.

Am I in the “Bust Your Windows” stage?


Trying not to be, because I do not know how to fall out of love; I did not fall in love easily.  I have no man, it seems.  But I do have a new book, and the man no longer in my life did help contribute to it, but I will not have anything else from him, I can just forget about that.. All over.  


For this occasion:

“Bust Your Windows”

AND FOR EVERY “SIDE CHICK” OUT THERE, our song (that is, I was always the “Chick on the Side” even if I hesitated to  admit that), but it’s long been true:







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