Hoochie Mama Science

Now,  just what is a “Hoochie Mama“? –and more importantly, why do I want to be one?

Seems I’m the one with the problem with ambition!



According to the Urban Dictionary, a “Hoochie Mama” is:


1. A female who dresses ghetto ho fabulous. Lots of gold, lots of weave-typically Pattie LaBelle style with red, purple, gold, or orange streaks, and long nails with lots of airbrush glitter, and color. This female’s goal in life is to use her female attriibutes to obtain a male with lots of money or any money to spend on her. Weaves, rent, & diapers for her baby from another daddy included. 2. A ghetto version of a “Gold Digger”.



(from: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Hoochie%20Mama)


Now, is this me?  Is this what I want to be?  Title of my book says it is…  My goal in life is a tad more than this, I’m afraid… Will think about this further and post some more. 



I would like to point this out, even while I continue to ponder, a rich man is fine (as long as he treats me well,
But ain’t no weave here! And will never be one, whatever hair I’ve got is rooted in this 62- year-old woman’s scalp.
Just a teenie-weenie fact.

Oh well!
Must study this further…

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