Dolphins and my father

Here I am, I hate to say it, Sea World, interacting with dolphins, veatures and cousins I love , rememberng that my fathe was willing to build a dolphin tank  for me in what is now m mother’s back yard.

Perhaps the presence of dolphins swiming and leaping would comfort her troubled heart a bit.  For me, just my father’s willingness to rearrange and restructure a bit of grography, no mater how riduculous my original request was, to break yp these animal families, thse mammal families.  And yes, I did enjoy the TV show, “FLipper” how coul dI not?


and of course, the Flipper theme:

My father, only a memory now, but one of the strongest and most persistent memories I’ve ever had.  I was lucky enough to have him in my life until 1980.


The man who would have built a dolphin tank in my back yard in Cleveland , Ohio in place of the garage:


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