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Today, I completed a poem about my favorite hat, 


A MOST SPECIAL HATFairly ordinary, I guess as far as hats are concerned.  But I tend to wear this hat most days.


A gift from a friend of mine, Thomas Robert Higginson; it’s my hat now.


Some photos of me in this hat, and more photos of the hat itself:

This is also collaboration with his hat; little bit of him remains in it.  

Golden Coach

by Dobbs



I have already promised to wear my hat for someone.  Pole-dancing I believe.  

Will say more when there is more to say. 


Great Wednesday in these Ann Arbor parts.


All about my hat, a gift from Thomas Robert Higginson, Ansted Moss composed and performed the music that I arranged, and I also perform the vocals, derived from poems written by co-learners (members) of a graduate writing encounter, called “class” by others.


I am most eager to honor a most special hat, and lucky that a system of co-learners happened to write  poems about a “Fedora“, poems that I compiled into a soundtrack for this little unassuming slideshow.


Please enjoy.

Thank you.


A Most Special Hat

Honoring the hat of a friend
that I usually wear on my three-miles walks (as seen above, listening to what is now my favorite poem)

I do not know the history of this hat, don’t know when he got  it or why
so do not know how often my friend wore it or what hats may have taken its place…

I do not know how important the hat may have been to him, but the hat helps me walk, so please think of these as selfies, as I wore the hat in so many of the photos I took of myself.

A power hat; that is, I feel so empowered when I wear it –today I took off the hate and photographed it by itself, without me.  But this is my hat now, and I feel so privileged to wear it,

so IN HONOR OF THE HAT ITSELF, Golden Coach by Dobbs, “Hughes, Hatcher, Suffrim” Detroit:

the hat itself, beautiful without me, a poem on my head, on top of the head that has learned to think I’m at the top of the world, which is where the HAT places me,

for when I wear it, I feel MOST SPECIAL ALSO

Thank you for this Most Special Hat –that inspires me endlessly…. I plan to wear it as I work on finishing my romance novel tomorrow… 








This hat has become my crown.