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Rewriting underway! Re-visioning underway!



My  fairy tale now has a new tittle: “Once Upon A Sky-Blue Tine” (related to limited fork theory) and possibly a subtitle: “a nursing home survival guide” —since there are two old people [over 60] holed up in a hotel having wild and passionate sex –sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it? –and the Dream Baby woman has MS –not the usual Hollywood stuff at all!

So keep forking! as will I on Facebook as “Forker Gryle

“(Salvation on) A Road to to Sky-Blue Jesus”



My fairy tale,  my book about never-ending romance is only a chapter away from completion I’m so happy to say!  Will complete it after dinner! –I can’t wait to read it myself, and relive, re-experience the tantalizing details..

My best weekend romance ever!–and I’m 60, yes 60 years old!

Fairy Tale

At work on a fairy tale,  first venture into the romance genre (about time; I’m not getting any younger.  Plan to complete a healthy draft this weekend.  Title: to be determined! –but about Jesus! –about being with Jesus! –and all the pleasures of that!


No pictures; this in-progress work does not yet have a buyer, but , of course I hope… Well, back to writing, and writing, and writing….  Wanted to see “The Theory of Everything” about Stephen Hawking tomorrow, but will be too busy writing…