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Possible Author Photos:

I attach here, three possible author photos for “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code” (available for pre-order from Amazon)


Red Dress Code-01

Red Dress Code-02

Red Dress Code-03


(I am 62 years old! –and proud of it. No makeup in these photos, by the way… No enhancements of the hair –have to say it, because I’m proud of this while it lasts! –no weaves, no hair pieces, no wig and no extensions, not even any relaxer! –only genetics! -and we all have that)


Almost done with reviewing the PDF of the book!  how exciting all of this is becoming! 

Photographer is Ansted Moss, his assistant was, is the wind..


Please stay tuned!


Just walked nearly two miles on my treadmill, and as I walked, I realized that younger women have nothing on me. Not being my usual self-deprecating self; I have earned this vanity.


I LOOK GOOD! –And my hair swung wildly and rhythmically to Mansion Air, hold Me Down, (LCAW remix)… I will be 62 years old at the end of next month, and while I have these looks, I shall exploit them.



On Wednesday, I’m having my hair done for the author photo that will be on my new book, Persea Books, September 2016, “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code”   –my eleventh book, and my best.



My son will capture this photo, and I will be wearing a red dress, that I may need to purchase on Thursday; either way, I will look good. I have long hair and a figure that many women envy, and I know this.


I did think it best not to feel this way about something as fleeting as beauty, but no more! –while I’ve got this, I intend to enjoy it! I will post a new pic as soon as I have it,


and when my other book has representation, will be my twelfth, NKH I mean, because it will, I will travel to Chicago so that Tony Smith can photograph me for that.


“Looking for Forker Gyrl[1]


NKH: New Kiss Horizon


by Adorabilis Flapjack[2] Tardis[3]

(Thylias Moss)


Will be only the start of something too wondrous for me to imagine –but it’s going to happen. I could see that clearly as I walked the final two miles to it.


I no longer need for anyone else to tell me that I am a beautiful woman, I know that I am.


I no longer need for anyone to tell me that I’m smart. I know that I am.


And “Wannabe” proves that this beautiful woman also has brains.

Lots of brains. Lots of booty and brains. AND ALL OF IT LOOKS GOOD!



My heart does indeed belong to someone; I’ve given it to him, and it’s his if he wants it, but, as I was walking this morning, I realized and accepted how beautiful I am… I can get a man, of that I have no doubt. None at all. The brains, the ideas may intimidate many men, but not the right man for me.


Up to him to claim me before someone else does…


What more could any man reasonably want?



I can (and sometimes do) put younger women to shame!

I am a prize, and I know it; I’m not going to pretend I’m not. No apologies.


Thank you

[1] ‘Forker Gryle” –names for “limited fork theory” <;


[3] TARDIS from wikipedia, < (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) a most unusual, living space ship, female space vehicle of time travel, etc.


It’s Official!


The cover of my New and Selected Volume of Poetry:   September 2016, Persea Books.


Book Number 11!


Please join me in being excited!  Not yet listed on the Persea site, but I’m sure it will be soon.  I will be shopping for a few Red Dresses! –for obvious reasons.


Thylias Moss is quite pleased!wannabe_frontA video poam of the same title, from youtube: “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code” as seen on YouTube)

Music composed and performed by Strexx (Ansted Moss); All vocals, sonic arrangement, image capture (still and moving), and text choreography,  by Thylias Moss [the video poam- maker])


(A print poam of this same title is in “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code” also).  Look for it.  Look for the book also.  

And, please buy the book!Thank you.  

Hello 2016

2016, This is my year! –this is the year of acceptance of my book: 

“Looking for  Forker Gyrl”


NKH: New Kiss Horizon

by Adorabilis Flapjack   Tardis  

(Thylias Moss)

Won’t be much longer; I can feel it, I can taste it, that’s how palpable and real this already is!

Being patient; enjoying what is already in place. I wrote a book that I really believe in.

Now all I must do it wait; this is not easy, because this book means so much to me…

Every since I’ve been a writer, since I was six years old, I’ve wanted to write such a book, and now I have….

Seems I should be able to enjoy it (will be my 12th book), but I am just so anxious –though logic (and my son) both encourage me to be calm, and able to enjoy completing this book of my life!

I have walked many miles trying to distract myself, from the inevitable –I believe!– acceptance of this wonderful book for representation.

I dream of this, will this with every waking moment, and, you better believe, that when I try to sleep, I dream of acceptance also, and the sale of the book itself!

All the interviews, the movies; this is coming. I know it. There have been only about 10 readers, and all of them have loved it! –and “have loved it!” is putting it mildly.

I want this success, and although I’m so frequently self-effacing, I have earned such a book.Moss CV 2012-2015-corrected form 18 November 2015

A published writer since 1983! Numerous awards! Of course, I’m grateful that my problem at the moment is only whether or not the prospective agent will want to represent it, –such luxury in a problem, let alone that I’m still alive after a traumatic brain injury…

Please pardon me if I celebrate prematurely, but that’s how confident I am. I know a good book when I read one, and this book is it.

I know I’ve been saying this for a little while, and I’m eager to post that I have agency representation, and now that it’s 2016, surely it wont be much longer! –before I’m 62 at the end of February…

I have to be confident.

I believe in this book! –the few of you who have read it, may comment if you like, but even if you don’t, I still believe in this book, this writing of everything I know how to hope…

still in the dark in some of my home, but not in the dark about the imminent success of my book!

and now some recent postings of some old music I made with my son:

variations of “Rupted Sums” and “Enter Rupted Sums

Just a little taste of  things to come!

Just take look at my Moss CV 2012-2015-corrected form 18 November 2015

and “enter rupted sums – long division


Please enjoy, more good and spectacular things to come!


Looking ahead to 2016 projects already definite; just waiting for contracts… 

My big book of New & Selected Poetry, book 11, “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities” RED DRESS Code” is definite, and scheduled for publication September 2016, fro Persea Books. Video poam of the same name.


This book: “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities RED DRESS CODE“, new and selected poetry, poametry too, according to the Institute of 4orkological Studies, and a sister Limited Fork Theory site  and also  a really big book for me, first major publication since 2006 and Tokyo Butter also from Persea; my new books not yet on the Persea calendar of forthcoming publications, but this is indeed definite.

        possible cover –not yet decided! –could be Jacob Lawrence: Tombstones:    


Also coming in 2016 is my collection of prose poams, “LFMK: Looking For My Killer” possible from Wayne State University Press –really unsure at this time… But this is also happening. book 12, no idea what a cover might look like –exists only as a manuscript.

Also a vido poam of the same name:

But even more exciting, a more personal collection is an untitled group of poems, a chapbook is what I have in mind… A series of inspired poems, all responses to poems by a poet friend of mine… I have at least two that so far I haven’t written yet! –I’ve collected all the data I need to write them, I just have to do it, and I can’t remember being this energized about my writing in a very long time….  

               I definitely have a MUSE for this untitled project!

I will definitely say more about this when there is more to tell.

Also coming up in an exhibition of one of my video poams: The Glory Prelude (link is to a print poem version in The Offing) a video poam, music by Ansted Moss

, my son, composed and performed on my toy piano, (got it when I was about five) 

  Toy Piano-2Toy Piano-1featuring images of my mother and of me…

Florida and Thylias in Florda's dining room with view of kitchen

Florida and Thylias in Florda’s dining room with view of kitchen

that will be exhibited at The Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, MO, part of the “You Here Now” exhibit