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best-the-one-300dpi-3125x4167HAPPY THOMAS HIGGINSON DAY!


I am quite pleased to announce availability of  my new Romance novel!

Please feel free to review this book, AND TO SHARE THIS INFO WIDELY!  

Available now (just in time for the holidays):




NKH acquisition info:  

other NKH details:

Title: New Kiss Horizon (NKH)

Author: Thylias Moss

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

 price: 7.99  enjoy, An adult erotic book.  

Coming soon to iBooks, Amazon, just about any e-book format you can think of.   

Only a few of you knew that I was working on this, and here is is.  On a Sunday evening.  Thomas knew.  He has always known.  Title of the book comes from kissing THAT MAN! 

ISBN: 9781370811991




About the romance between:

Vashti Astapad Warren and Thomas Robert Higgginson, literary lovers

short description of the romance novel:

“After 25 years, this man and woman meet again, and Thomas is delighted, but Vashti fears that she cannot compete with the fantasy version of herself, and they agree to meet in Chicago, once Thomas is convinced that she will not become involved with the man from online dating, and when they meet, there’s instant attraction, and Thomas makes good on everything he has promised Vashti.  Vashti has the best intimacy, best kisses, best sex of her life.”


Long description:

Vashti, a sexually repressed 60-year-old female poet finally finds the courage to divorce a man she married as a teenager, a man jealous of her looks, of the very equipment that makes her so appealing and this freedom allows 66-year-old poet Thomas Higginson to act upon the fantasy he’s had for thirty years of loving Vashti, actually holding her, making love to her, a fantasy he acts out by visiting a store of Vashti, his fantasy come to life, and of course, entering that store is really a sexual act, for he’s entering Vashti, even if just in his head that somehow Vashti seems to control for she has awareness of all of these Dream Baby Tienda events. 


“Novel begins with Vashti revealing her past to her friend Thomas Robert Higginson.  Thomas Higginson enjoying his fantasy at the Dream Baby Tienda; he’s been interested in Vashti and loving her in his dreams, in his fantasies for 25 years.  Every aisle has forms of Vashti on the shelf.  He feels a little guilty because he’s married, but Vashti is thoroughly irresistible to him.  He tries not to give in to his fantasy’s demands, but he fails, realizing  the attraction he feels is much too powerful to deny.

He invites Vashti to be in a movie, and he wants to begin making love to her right then, but he doesn’t, as both of them are married, but he wants to anyway; he finds Vashti to be the most beautiful woman in the world. He comes to the university where she teaches, and Vashti is in the audience, and Vashti loves how Thomas Higginson performs, but Vashti is married to a non-poet spouse, because beautiful Vashti was raped and became pregnant from that when she was fifteen.  Then Vashti meets the man she marries three weeks after the abortion… He is not sensitive to what has happened to her; she is 16 when they meet, Wesley is 23, not a good match at all.  Thomas is a much better man for Vashti; he always knew this, but takes a little longer for Thomas to charm Vashti twenty-five years later when his weight gain worries him that he will not be attractive to his fantasy woman.


During the twenty-five  years since they meet in person for Thomas’s movie, Vashti marries an infertile man, and almost doesn’t get to have a child of her own. Vashti’s spouse cannot accept his infertility, and refuses to accept a sperm donor, but Vashti insists on having a child.


And ultimately this child more like Vashti than anyone else in the world causes the dissolution of a marriage that never should have happened, but Vashti’s mother was only too glad to get Vashti married off, and since Wesley was interested, Vashti’s mother agrees to the teenage Vashti marrying a man much too old for her.  Now that Vashti is free, and Thomas Higginson’s wife has died,  Thomas and Vashti become friends on Facebook, and as soon as Vashti changes her relationship status, he contacts Vashti, as he has during those years since the filming of his movie in 1988, as friends not as lovers. Once Vashti finally divorces in 2013, this sexually repressed woman tries online dating and is extremely disappointed, so when Thomas contacts her to begin dating, Vashti is occupied with a man from an online service, and Thomas has to wait a little longer.  But Vashti soon realizes what Thomas wants, and Vashti is fascinated, although this man has gained a lot of weight, at least  thirty pounds. But after 25 years, this man and woman meet, and Thomas is delighted, but Vashti fears that she cannot compete with the fantasy version of herself, and they agree to meet in Chicago, once Thomas is convinced that she will not become involved with the man from online dating, and when they meet, there’s instant attraction, and Thomas makes good on everything he has promised Vashti.  Vashti has the best intimacy, best kisses, best sex of her life.


Thank Goodness for Facebook!

Thomas Higginson and Vashti Astapad Warren may not have found each other without Facebook! 

“Thomas Robert Higginson” is:

the same poet friend and collaborator  who appears in Wannabe” (all those Higginson poems) 


Wannabe Hoochie Mama Galery of Realties' Red Dress Code

“Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ RedDress Code” –last book from Persea, jacket

the same poet friend who collaborated with me in the making of a chapbook of poems, also available from Amazon right now:

“Aneurysm of the Firmament”



Please feel free to share this info widely.  

Thomas Higginson is first mentioned in “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code”, but this poet friend, of course, exists beyond that.  I’ve known him over 30 years.  I am 62 right now… 




NEW KISS HORIZON” is quite the explicit little book, but good to curl up with, in the cold of this approaching winter.   You can download first 20 pages at Smashwords  <> to see what you think, if the description is not enough.  No sex in the first 20 pages, however.  


Model for Thomas Higginson; I had to have one, and here he is… I have written so much about him; in fact the moment based on this photo is mentioned in the book; I encourage you to leave comments on this post. It gets rather lonely writing about a man like him, as I would prefer to be with a man like him, truly, with him, but I guess I could try a close substitute,


I have to say that there is no other man like him, and if you’re lucky enough to have the chance to go out with this man you must… Do not deny yoursef the pleasure that he can provide.  I had to be 60 years old to find out for myself.  After being married for 40 years.  I am so very glad I now know what it’s like to be kissed… Really, truly thoroughly kissed.  Well, here’s the model, me right beside him; I could not have invented Thomas Higginson entirely.  My friend really helped me understand the man I need, the man I want after being married 40 years.

I have to say it, there is no better lover than Thomas Higginson.

KEEP KISSING!  –no matter what.

I think that we look great tgether, but of course, I would.

Thylias and Bob on Dream Date

Chicago Dream Date 23 October – 26 October 2014 


LFMK prose poems –by Thylias Moss

So happy to report:

LFMK (looking for my killer) [where controversy breeds] copy

American Journal of Poetry featuring my prose poems:

Introduction to LFMK, “absolute alleys of hardcore opportunity,”,   “yes Melvie, my killer comes to Inaccessible Island with apologies & cigarettes”, and “iron maiden possibilities; also silo in the time of scurvy” has now gone live here 

(at this URL:)

Thanks to Robert Nazarene for inviting me to submit these pieces from my LFMK collection of prose poems: Looking For My Killer to:

The American Journal of Poetry 

a link to the you Tube video with the same title: LFMK (Looking for my Killer) [where controversy breeds] :

all vocals written and performed by Thylias Moss, and all music for  Looking For My Killer composed and performed by Ansted Moss

Please enjoy!  Thank you.

New Writing happening


At work on a new project; can’t say much about it, as I don’t yet know that much about it myself.  Perhaps a ritual to embrace summer? A ritual to reclaim myself?


But, I have to keep writing, even while I’m unsure… I have no other job now –this is it: “Write or die!”  Truly “Publish” or “Perish“!

Recently had a blurb approved for “LFMK” a collection of prose poams!”–a blurb approved by ML Liebler! blurb for “Looking for My Killer” — a prose poam of which,Majorana Harem Culture” will soon  be online in One! edited by Richard Krawiec