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A little something about Doormats – a response to dumping

About Doormats:

I cannot deliberately hurt you.

I can’t even say things against you and mean them…

Not what I want for you at all.  

I care too much about you.  

I want you to be happy, and I feel like a fool for saying this, but nothing that has happened has caused me  to withdraw all forms of  love. 

And even a doormat is powerful in its protection of floor! —yes; it’s stepped on, and those who have stepped unwisely can wipe their feet, but they are the ones most in need of services doormats provide. Praise be to doormats!  

Time for me to elevate doormats —Oh, I’ve joked to myself about a sweetness of revenge that I can’t sustain, and I’m glad, for revenge isn’t sweet at all. And I ask forgiveness for even thinking about it.

because I already know that love in any of its forms is much sweeter than revenge… 

Love is stronger than revenge, stronger than hurt for when these are gone, the hurter wants love, the hater wants love, even if they aren’t sure how to get it, but it is something  elusive to them that they want, and maybe the sheltered for protecting all forms of  love know best how to get it, and how to give it… 

I’m still working on this.  

Genuine Friendships are built on the most powerful forms of love… 

For true friendships have to be able to endure storms and rages throughout every universe to which one may fork —it is love that ultimately survives…  —this is a reality of life, a reality of my life —just as real as anything else, and love is also a bridge, a lifeline, a tether —and it works better for being sheltered protected from what would make it less effective by exposure and a reduction of some of love’s power.  Love in all of its forms requires sheltering to be love… 


Ted Talk about Compassion with Rabbi Janice Tabick,

my favorite Ted Talk

Do You Have The Courage To Forgive?

I have been struggling not to hurt myself — for peace of my own mind, I have to forgive him, for I am hurt by his hurt, hurt that I am causing so I must take this path to preserve friendship we’ve had for thirty years, until we tried intimacy that (apparently) meant more to me than to him… And that made me question the 30 years that were very good, and I shared my questioning with him! –now I want to be a Warrior for Forgiveness, a Warrior for Compassion so that we’ll be able –so that I’ll be able to move to a much better place where I can live with myself, and ignore those telling me that he should never be forgiven, but that’s not the kind of heart I have, believing that in the end, it is forms of love that will prevail;  yes, the Power of Love! 

Warrior for Forgiveness!  

–the only way!

–I feel hurt, but so does he… and I’m no longer going to try to measure my hurt against his hurt. We are both hurting and without friends that we’ve been for so many years… I am 61, and he is 67 –I just don’t know how much time is left, but, as I said, I truly believe that love is stronger, more durable than revenge which in the end would only cause more hurt for both of us, so I’m moving toward forgiveness; I have to, for I can’t live with myself otherwise.

The Truth Warrior


I think many of us already know of the power of forgiveness however how many of us really practice it in our daily lives? Many times we choose to hang on to the hurt, the anger, the guilt and the pain rather than let it go and forgive the person who has wronged us. I know that it can be easier said than done however when we choose to forgive, we are doing it for ourselves.

If for example somebody wrongs us in some way and we choose to hold anger and hatred towards that person, we are really the ones who are suffering and hurting in the situation. This anger and resentment that we feel has been known to turn into disease in certain people’s lives. I know in my experience that when I had anger towards a person, I thought in my own head that I was hurting that person by…

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