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Poem: “Blue Coming”

Just found out yesterday, that my poem, “Blue Coming” written in response to: “What You Can’t Understand Is Poetry Is Connected to the Body Again“, a poem by Bob Holman, that might be published eventually with that poem as part of an essay Holman has written for an as-yet untitled anthology on Poetry and the Body, edited by “Edwin Torres   has been accepted for publication in Colorado Review!  

Completed draft of “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine” submitted!

So happy to be able to say that a completed draft of “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine” has been submitted to a publisher… Now just waiting for a response, that of course, I hope will be positive! 

Please wish the manuscript luck! –so that it may become a book! –a racy little bit of sex-positive feminism! –I held back nothing!