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MOVING on the (calm) Horizon



that tomorrow I meet with a real estate agent so that I can begin to sell my house.  I need to live elsewhere, need to identify the location where I’d like to live out my retirement.  

And that is not in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  

I don’t yet know where the location is… But I will be somewhere else as soon as possible.  

Much more house than I as a single woman need.  


Too much space, and I never bonded with the house;  I need a smaller living space, and need for stores to be accessible; just a nice little walk…. I also want cultural activities to be nearby, what universities offer; I want to be able to hear speakers, go to performances, and speak myself, of course.  And attend a few movies, especially the premiere of the movie that is going to be made from that romance novel… I haven’t forgotten any of that.    

I can (and will)  continue to be a speaker and performer and writer and poam [product(s) of act(s) of making] maker, whereverver I am,

as in:

and :




and this offering of a poem from my forthcoming book, Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code” September 2016 (available for pre-order now on Amazon)


“Higginson Matters in Magnificent Culture of Myopia”  I am most eager to see this book, to hold it my hands and crack the spine. Contains some of the wrting of which  am most proud, most satisfied with and will be no matter where I am… By the time I receive copies, I should be living somewhere else.  The poems of which I am most proud, were written with the best collaboraor I have ever been lucky enough to know; the best friend I have ever had, the best? —- well, fill in the blanks.  There are many Higginson poems in this forthcoming book; count them, the “new” section thrives entirely on “Higginson” poems and I hope that any of them win awards.  A couple of them are forthcoming in “the Fiddlehead” and a piece of the romance novel , here as published in “The Spectacle”



Truth is: “Higginson” does Matter (to me)

(all me, all my voice)

and a few museums would be very nice.  Once I talk with the realtor tomorrow, I’ll have a better sense of things.  

Now I get to think about packing up what is essential and discarding the rest.

Guess I am seeking a city.  

I spent ten years in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area, and I wouldn’t mind returning there.  I also lived in New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire (not my first choice for relocation),  also briefly in NYC.  I haven’t mentioned the midwest, and I do love Chicago (very special for very many reasons), but perhaps not my ideal locaation for retirement.  Still heavily weighing my options.  


Also must surrender my leased 2014 Nissan Juke; I love the car and will miss it, but do not drive it.  Lease expires in 2017, but the sooner I don’t have it, the better.  Most of the miles were put on it by my son and/or his friend, another resident of my basement.


Hope that very soon I can announce the forthcoming publication of  that romance novel, a revision of which was completed yesterday –that will mean more to me than anything else…

(because with that announcement can come other announcements about my life, just not yet.  Too soon… 

Truth is: “Higginson” does Matter (to me)


Speaking of essential, I need to hear from Julia Child:

As I moved here in a need to live somewhere following a divorce finalized in September 2013.  Took occupancy of the house in January 2014.  

2014 was one of the best years of my life; those who know me know why; October 2014 will always be  unforgettable.  

A very good friend of mine became an even better friend.


I live here with my son and his lover in my basement –not an ideal arrangement although I love my son who will be 25 in July.  I have no help with morgage, utility bills or anything, certainly not with yard work, not even taking out the trash, which I did yesterday; I’m also having trouble getting either one of them to go to the Kroger pharmarcy to pick up my prescription (guess I have another book right there, and a book I really need to write about my father, and his father), and even if I did, I still would not want to live here.  


I cannot support three adults alone.  

Just won’t have my son providing music as he did in so many of my video pieces, includng “Bubbling” shown above.  I will miss that; my son was one of the best collaborators I have had, and only one is better:

Another poet who has been the best collaborator I have ever known, in poetry and in life itself.  That connection will not be disrupted by any of this physical relocation.  It is an old connection, a 30-year-connection, and involves the film clip “9:08 am” shown above.  Can’t say more about that connection until there is more to say –doesn’t mean I don’t want to, only means I can’t  right now.

My only sure income is social security, unless something miraculous –don’t I hope!– happens with the romance novel I completed a revision of yesterday (will not even mention the title until I know something more definite.  Being read by only two people,     –a very good friend of mine (whose opinion I value the most, because Truth is: “Higginson” does Matter [to me]), and another friend who works in the industry.  

This will be true no matter where I am.  

I expect to retain the same email addresses; only my physical location will change.  Will post more when I know more.


Good morning my good friend, very best friend in all the world, wherever you are, mattering as always. I am not afraid to say so, and if you give me the word, I will say more, just your name, for instance, nothing more than that.  Mattering even more than I should tell you, and think I did with the romance novel itself.  And, Sir, I mean every word.  Every word. because Truth is: “Higginson” does Matter (to me)


I do not want to live backwards; I want to live forwards, and this is the final step.


Well, adventure, here I come!

Possible Author Photos:

I attach here, three possible author photos for “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code” (available for pre-order from Amazon)


Red Dress Code-01

Red Dress Code-02

Red Dress Code-03


(I am 62 years old! –and proud of it. No makeup in these photos, by the way… No enhancements of the hair –have to say it, because I’m proud of this while it lasts! –no weaves, no hair pieces, no wig and no extensions, not even any relaxer! –only genetics! -and we all have that)


Almost done with reviewing the PDF of the book!  how exciting all of this is becoming! 

Photographer is Ansted Moss, his assistant was, is the wind..


Please stay tuned!

NKH is Much closer

Happy to announce that I have a version off NKH, that pleases me quite a bit…  I remain as hopeful as possible… Only a couple of trusted readers, including a BFF or two, but so far, they love it… And nothing could be more encouraging… 

Those who should read: 

“Looking for Forker Gyrl[i]


NKH: New Kiss Horizon


by Adorabilis Flapjack[ii] Tardis[iii]

(Thylias Moss)

[i] ‘Forker Gryle” –named for “limited fork theory” 

[ii] http://www.counton2.com/story/29374423/adorable-new-octopus-species-discovered-in-california

[iii] TARDIS from wikipedia, < https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) a most unusual, living space ship, female space vehicle of time travel, etc.

Those who should read this, have it, all about a successful attempt to find love at age 60! –and I found love in a way that no longer makes me fearful! –after 40 years of marriage, 44 years with a man, I have finally found fulfillment… Indeed I have…  

Will say no more at this time, but look out!

–something is about to erupt…

I can’t keep this to myself;

something this wonderful must be shared!

–the sooner the better, as soon as I know something definite, I will post it,

count on that! 

I’ll just say this, called “New Kiss Horizon” for a reason, so good, I had to write about it;

the kind of goodness you don’t keep to yourself… 

The posted image is me as I looked for the prom in 1971… when I graduated from John Adams High School in Cleveland, OH… I had a date to the prom, in fact I would be married not long after this photo was taken; but I didn’t get to dance at my prom, and I didn’t get to dance at my wedding, but a wonderful gentleman in NKH has offered to give me those dances I didn’t get to have… 

I hope soon to have even better news for “Looking for Forker Gyrl in NKH – New Kiss Horizon”, so please stay tuned… Things are beginning to roll; nothing definite yet, but I’m in the process of trying to make things happen…

In the meantime, try to enjoy my CVMoss CV 2012-2015-corrected form 18 November 2015

Higginson Matters in Magnificent Culture of Myopia –the video!

I am so happy to be able to offer the “World Premiere!” of “Higginson Matters in Magnificent Culture of Myopia” at N’Namdi’s in Detroit as part of the Detroit Lit Walk on 19 September 2015! 

The print version of this poem will be available in my forthcoming collection: “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code“, a collection of new (“Higginson Matters” is one of the “NEW” poems); a collection of new and selected poetry, being published by Persea Books, scheduled for September 2016.

I include some additional photos from this lit walk of my performance at N’Namdi’s and where I had a nice lunch at Seva’s with Ansted Moss, and Melinda Weinstein (from Lawrence Technological University where I’ll be reading from “Slave Moth” (a novel-in-verse, also from Persea Books, on Friday 25 September).

THYLIAS MOSS (LTU)Slave Moth cover

The following photos are by Michael Kitchen (he saw the event; he was there, for the entire Lit Walk, I’m pleased to say.

Thylias at Namdi's seated, befrore I stood up and completed the performance of Higginson Matters! THYLIAS at N'nmadi's on the Detroit Lit Walks  N'Namdi's where Seva again, where Thylias, Melida and Ansted ate a meal after my reading at 'Namdi's in Detroit where Higginson Matters

Greatest poem ever! –HIGGINSON MATTERS! –in my book of New & selected poetry, 09/2016

Happy to report that I have now written the greatest poem of my life! –“HIGGINSON MATTERS IN MAGNIFICENT CULTURE OF MYOPIA”  one of the new poems that will be published iin my collection: “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code”, a volume of New and selected poetry scheduled for publication September 2016…


Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Codes”

The very magical poem I have somehow managed to write!

I am steadily working on building a new life for myself. Despite what hurts, what helps, and what sometimes does both. I was stupid to stay so long in a relationship I knew wasn’t right practically from the beginning! He was cheating on the teenager me right from the beginning –I found out two weeks after the wedding, and yet I stayed –for forty years… Just glad to have survived and to be out of that marriage… And now… My own poetry is suffering, my new and selected volume due out in the fall of 2016 will contain a variation of a poem (“Magnificent Culture of Myopia“) written while I was married (Published in Tokyo Butter, and my “signature” poem about myopia seems to be about him, and I can’t allow my new book, first book since 2006, to appear to center on him; even my myopia has changed, optic-neuritis, now, part of my MS… I have submitted a revision, and at least it was true at the time of the revision. I can live with more recent –temporary– truth, than I’m willing to live with old truth no longer true at all, and not in my poetry where truest forms of me reside… I remain hopeful that newer temporary truths will prevail so my 2016 “WANNABE HOOCHIE MAMA GALLERY OF REALITIES’ RED DRESS CODES” NEW & selected (emphasis on NEW) –to be published by Persea Books— will steer me towards newer forms of life that I become able to find….


I have learned that my poetry editor agrees with me concerning the revision; a version of the revision WILL BE! in my new collection, my editor at Persea,  said the re-vision is “a ‘very’ impressive poem. Amazing work, you!”

–I could feel it as I wrote it! Embedded in the words and my need for those words to be heard! –and they were!

That tremendous music!

I really had the sense of surviving all of what I’ve been through!

Poetry indeed has such power!

Poetry is saving my life!

The truest forms of me can learn how to breathe again through that poem! My editor read the poem and felt it too!

A surging of current!

A form of merger between multiple ways of trying to understand, trying to see “myopia!”

I will be performing this very magical poem as part of the Detroit Lit walk, sponsored by ML Liebler on 19 September 2015, between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm EST at N’Namdi in Detroit: 

52 E. Forest Ave. Detroit, MI 48201

Here is a flyer about the event; please come all who can, and I will perform “Higginson Matters in Magnificent Culture of Myopia” to the best of my abilities!

Actual Detroit lit walk poster2Please attend if you can! –a wonderful day is anticipated!