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So happy to report that the 9 August, 2015 issue of One, edited by Richard Krawiec is live! at this link:  http://one.jacarpress.com

Entire issue is wonderful, and yes; I am in it! –a prose poam, “Afterlife of Corpses” (the actual link to my prose poam: <http://one.jacarpress.com/#Thylias%20Moss&gt; that will also appear in the entire LFMK collection (Looking for My Killer, a PSA announcement, where controversy breeds) as soon as a publisher is secured –in progress; I am very hopeful, as I would live to see the entire book!

This edition of One also includes my “LFMK [Looking for my Killer] video poam, in the second look section at this link: <http://one.jacarpress.com/second-look/&gt;

I encourage all of you to submit to One.

I have to wait three months, and then I can submit again, but in the meantime, please join me in celebrating another odd piece of LFMK being published!

Acquiring Copy of “Mongongo Drupe”! my birthday gift!

As you may know: “Mongongo Drupe”  chapter of “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine” will be published by Callaloo this month, in time for my 61st birthday: Details follow:

Issue of Callaloo in which “Mongongo Drupe” will appear:

 issue, 38.1 winter 2015
and can be purchased from this website:
Once the issue is actually published later this month –in time for my 61st birthday (27 February
Image credit: ​English Wikipedia user NoodleToo
Please post your comments here! Thank you very much!
Mongongo hair treatment by Ouidad: What I use and used in the story by Dream Baby