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A Letter to Mr. Higgs: (Once Upon A Tine) –a fairy tale about sex after sixty, poetry, and salvation

Good afternoon! –snow is steadily melting; huge embankments still prevail;

my good news is completion of another draft of my fairy tale, now titled:

“A LETTER TO MR. HIGGS: (Once Upon A Sky-Blue Tine) a fairy tale about sex after sixty, poetry and salvation

— completed only a day later than I wanted, to make an appropriate gift for the man on whom the “Mr. Higgs” / “Prince Charming” character is based –of course no response yet from the one who received a copy…. I’m exceedingly nervous about this, for I spilled all my secrets –chamber of my heart has been purged…. 

When I receive a response, I’ll be sure to post gist, not quotes… For the time being, I’m just so happy to have this Word document, 244 pages long.


“Mongongo Drupe” – chapter of “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine”

Have just learned some details about the issue of Callaloo  in which “Mongongo Drupe” 

a chapter of a longer fairy-tale, “Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine” will be published! 

Both the fairy-tale and the chapter are examples of sex-positive feminism; a story probably better for adults, given the beautiful explicitness!  –please feel free to indulge yourself! 

Invite some friends over and have a “mongongo” party!

Mongongo” Plant


link to image of “mongongo” nut:

                      Mongongo Nut 

image of Mongongo nut on Wikipedia by noodle too

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Hope you like  issue, 38.1 winter 2015