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Bad News –and Good News!

Significant progress and been made…. 


Draft of romance novel complete! And accepted by my editor, Jason Kirk! –there is a wonderful synopsis and everything! –he’s  sending it out to a publisher today!  

Now all I have to do is wait (I don’t mind that –good to have to wait for this, because I am convinced that this romance novel will be a book! 





and a bit of disturbing news on the horizon, at least I am disturbed, as the second reader, although he likes the book  — wants more concealment of his identity…

And I have just learned the truth: he has private memory of something now gone.

At least now I do not have to wonder.   I still have my best friend.  I am not  love with a “real” man at all,   but get to realize that love with my character… So I am officially alone again.  Officially unattached.  Imagine that.


Happy for the book, sorry for the heart.

A youtube playlist of heartbreak for dying love, the love was all mine, but now it’s dying  not the friendship, just the love affair –there isn’t one, and now the next book in the romance series will be so different from anything I imagined, now I get to write about heartbreak ( still working through e furlongs. :

and Ain’t no way Aretha Franklin:

and “Call Me” Aretha Franklin in case he ever gets back to love, and somehow those matters of proximity and distance can somehow be bridged:


Romance on my mind!

Little more than the romance novel for me to think about; I’m trying but it’s very difficult; I know that so much else is occurring in the world, even celebration of US independence, but that is not enough to get my mind off a CHANCE for the possibility of that novel.


My wonderful editor Jason Kirk, says this:

“As I mentioned via text, I can’t really dig in until Saturday, but by the end of this holiday weekend, I’ll send this back, almost certainly with only the barest of surgical edits, all tracked, for you to accept or reject as you see fit. Shouldn’t take long at all, and then we can start sending it out. As I mentioned, I know one publisher that would welcome a cold submission from me, so we should give them a bit of time to review it first, then if they’re not interested, I can start querying the agents I know, who number several dozen. That’ll be the extent of what I can do in terms of getting it out there, but I welcome the chance to do it.

Thanks, Thylias. And congratulations. This book has come a long, long way!



Those who know me personally have no idea all that book contains, but it definitely contains it.  That book is giving me no peace, and I hope it’s the same way for the others, the many others –dare I say that?– lucky enough to read this book once it becomes available and it will!  


Just thinking about it, I am a total wreck.  For this is the book I want to read also.  I want to be on buses, in taxis, on subways, in boats every mode of transportation, I want to be seen reading this book.

I hope it’s banned in certain places, I assume in church (except for what is read in secret) –just not openly.  Although sex like what’s in my novel surely has a place there.  Let’s just say, and this can’t possibly go too far; but let’s just say that the possibilities for intimacy and romance are achieved; I wrote about my ideal situations, how could I not? When I too dream, and if I can’t give my characters what I would want for myself, then I am much less the writer, much less the human being I thought I was, I hoe I am, and although I was married for a very long time, I haven’t stopped dreaming about love that way I would like for it to be, and if I can’t get it with my –truly –butt-kissing-hair, my tiny waist, my 98 natural pounds at age 62, then maybe it isn’t there for me to get, and I know I sound right there like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, realizing why home is where she should be, and of course, I’m hearing Stephanie Mills sing “Home” 


As since the show at the Pulitzer Fine Arts Foundation in St. Louis should be closed now, you will no longer be able to see my video poam, “The Glory Prelude to a Widow Shrine System” there, but sometime this weekend, I will place it on YouTube and you will be able to see it there. Some video stills from “The Glory Prelude to a Widow Shrine System”, music by experimental filmmaker and graphic artist Ansted Moss, all vocals performed, and all images captured by Thylias Moss:



Thylias Moss is in love with life, with everything, with herself, Christal Rice Cooper, and with, oh everything, –a man too –he knows who he is.  And I thank him for being someone I can love.  I can never thank him enough, and that’s as public as I can be about my own real heart.

I celebrate my independence from sadness, from feeling myself not “pretty”, from fearing ravages for disease, for I also have MS (multiple sclerosis, and you could never tell) –so Chris Rice Cooper  this is also for you my friend, as I continue to love myself (maybe even too much)

For my new book of new romance novel, I hope to have some pics f myself taken by Tony Smith


(o happy July day!)

Romance Final Edits!

Very glad to report that I have received the final edits for my romance novel!

(I remain as vain as ever, and in the above featured image, I wearing my favorite hat, Golden Coach by Dobbs, a hat from a very special friend)

so I will be attending to that book –of my life! –this weekend, devoting Sunday, 26 June 2016 as Romance Day.  romance with life romance with writing (I’ve had this affliction since I was six years old

Seems that there will be fireworks for Independence Day! –direct from my laptop; my editor, very fine editor I hope receives an award for the outstanding work he’s already done helping to bring this novel to its current state.  

A little  HALLELUJAH! is not



Long hair Thylias-010


LFMK prose poems –by Thylias Moss

So happy to report:

LFMK (looking for my killer) [where controversy breeds] copy

American Journal of Poetry featuring my prose poems:

Introduction to LFMK, “absolute alleys of hardcore opportunity,”,   “yes Melvie, my killer comes to Inaccessible Island with apologies & cigarettes”, and “iron maiden possibilities; also silo in the time of scurvy” has now gone live here 

(at this URL:)


Thanks to Robert Nazarene for inviting me to submit these pieces from my LFMK collection of prose poems: Looking For My Killer to:

The American Journal of Poetry 

a link to the you Tube video with the same title: LFMK (Looking for my Killer) [where controversy breeds] :

all vocals written and performed by Thylias Moss, and all music for  Looking For My Killer composed and performed by Ansted Moss 



Please enjoy!  Thank you.

Romance Novel!!

Happy to report that an inproved version of my Romance novel ws completed this evening:


  549 pages, 77,021 wrds!


Title will not be disclosed at this time; not until there is a contract.


Thank you for reading this!


In Need of Agent

Hello, everything is progressing as it should! –my eleventh book remains scheduled for publication in September 2016, a new and selected volume of poetry, “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities’ Red Dress Code” –I’m extremely excited about this! (to be published, like many of my other published volumes of poetry, by Persea Books)

I will also be writing  book about my father; he was a very special man, who supported me through everything, and did not believe in hitting, as that was no way to indicate love, and that’s why I was never hit as a child.  If you love something, you do not hit it! –even if you’re God, or Jesus; you do not hit, you do not use that power to bully or threaten anyone. And you don’t rape Mary just because you need a son…

Calvin-tight crop 1950 copy

This was why he was opposed to ideas of Christian hell, this mostly Native American man whose father wasn’t black at all, Cherokee and Caucasian…



No threats of eternal punishment  just to get obedience; it should be choice, not mandate… Something my mother still does not comprehend, as she’s perfectly willing to acknowledge The Lord as her master… Not me! –no man is my “master”! —I refuse to have one; US slaves were freed! –my mother is  one of those who did not free themselves  psychologically; she remains “bound” just not physically.

My father’s father right here:

Frizzell Brasier copy

 My father was Cherokee, Black and a bit Caucasian like his father (who was only Native American and Caucasian).  And he grew up in the south at a time where segregation was the rule, yet his family defied that rule, by allowing the races to mix…

and I am a mix of both of them, and my black mother:

Selfie Friday #4

I had what many might consider to be an odd upbringing, a mother intent upon Christian hell as the place that I’m going.  Little did she know that the man she had married was teaching me something else, the most important lessons that I’ve ever been taught:


Some people doubt that I am truly “black” when they learn that I was never hit, that my relationship with my father bordered on ideal… I know tales of being whipped and spanked only through others, not through personal experience.  No extension cord beatings, no beatings at all. 

I would walk to church with my mother, and hear that I was going to hell, but the moment I got home, my father took me for very long walks, and wanted me to understand that there was no way that all could have been created before there was any awareness of the world, how new necessities would give rise to things people in bible days could not even imagine…

I grew up with dichotomies…

On these walks I was expected to interact with whatever I noticed; these walks took hours, and I always came home with a chapter of an alternative  “holy book”, volumes from the Golden Library of Knowledge: “Ants”, “Atoms”, Butterflies and Moths”, “Energy and Power”, “Engines”, “Mathematics”, The Moon”, “Space Flight”, Submarines:, “Prehistoric Animals”,  “The Body in Action” and “The Insect World” to name some of them.

Not books meant for girls..  My father was opposed to that, so raised me to partake of everything… He even created my first name for me, telling me when I was seven, that since there had never been a presence like mine in the world, I also needed a name that hadn’t been in the world… I get to define my name, a privilege and responsibility I do not take lightly.  

Every Sunday, I came home with one of these books that cost a quarter, and this way had chapters of an alternative bible… 

       Golden Book of Knowledge_Ants Golden Book of Knowledge_Atoms   Golden Book of Knowledge_Butterflies and Moths  Golden Book of Knowledge_Energy and Power Golden Book of Knowledge_Engines  Golden Book of Knowledge_Mathrmatics Golden Book of Knowledge_Moon Golden Book of Knowledge_Space Flight Golden Book of Knowledge_Submarines Golden Books of Knowledge_Prehistoric AnimalsGolden Book of Knowledge_Body in ActionGolden book of Knowledge_Insect World

I wasn’t raised according to conventional definitions and limitations of gender…

He died in 1980, the year before I graduated from Oberlin College, first in my class, a 4.11 GPA, lowest grade was an “A-” in an English class of all things…Something considered unusual for brown girls… for “girls” at all! –how surprised people were to see that it was me at the top of the class! –I graduated Phi Beta Kappa too. 

Tiny brown girl.

But without that “-” , no “limited fork” as I tried to find somewhere to put that idea, and the space created by the “-” was perfect for me to try to fill.  In every other class, I attained the ceiling easily, but only in English did I have a weakness, so I focused on English in grad school in Hew Hampshire working with Charles Simic currently reading another manuscript of mine: “LFMK: Looking for my Killer”

 (a prose poam from that collection  The Afterlife of Corpses” has been published online in issue 6 of One.)

Also the reason that my father rejected Christian hell, something that didn’t make sense to him; something that no father who loved his children would ever make, because this bullying method was no way to express love –and so my father was completely opposed to hitting.

But now, because of changes in my situation, I’ve written a very different kind of book, one with a potential to sell! –one that I even dare to hope becomes a movie; working on a final revision now of:

“Looking for Forker Gyrl”


NKH: New Kiss Horizon


by Adorabilis Flapjack  Tardis

(Thylias Moss)

It is for this new book, that I need an agent! –poem: “Higginson Matters in Magnificent Culture of Myopia” is one of the new poems in “Wannabe Hoochie Mama Gallery of Realities Red Dress Code” –cover is not yet known but I do have a YouTube video of the same name:

This book, my eleventh, won’t be published until September 2016, but this other manuscript has so much more potential… The short story, “Mongongo Drupe” published in Callaloo,(Volume 38, Number 1, Winter 2015) is a chapter, in slightly different form of NKH (New Kiss Horizon)

Whole manuscript is really a bit of sex-positive feminism, but my fine publisher at Persea feels that this NKH book must wait until 2017 at the earliest, but I believe in this book so much, that I am willing to seek publication outside Persea

I did have an agent, long before I produced anything the nature of NKH, but because I published over the years, mostly literary poetry, and won many awards, including a MacArthur Fellowship, (aka “Genius award)  and two nominations for the National Book Critic Circle awards, for “Pyramid of Bone” and “Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler“, that agent dropped me and NOW I NEED ANOTHER, AND HAVE A BOOK WHERE AN AGENT COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  NKH could be a very popular book, but Persea Books, as much as I love my publisher, would not be able to offer me the kind of dollars that are the potential of NKH, and I’m sure that this must violate something in the contract giving Persea first opportunity to publish all of my work, but the magnitude of NKH could be beyond anything that Persea can do… I would like this manuscript considered by publishing houses including but not limited to Persea –only an agent could get this manuscript read, and as much as I love my publisher, Persea is also acting as my agent; a conflict of interest right there; how can I expect my existing publisher to pay beyond what she’d have to?  –the only way is with a third party agent; contact me, and I’ll let you read parts of the manuscript…  I need money. 

and then you can decide if you’d like to represent NKH.  Thank you.

Pyramid of Bone Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler

I need an agent for NKH! –I am willing to break my contract with Persea in order to have this book… If you are or know of an agent, please contact me… I am presently revising NKH to make it as perfect as I can… It does include plenty of wonderful sex, and involves an unexpected couple , two sixty-somethings enjoying a weekend in Chicago… Fiction, of course! –but based on something I’ve long craved, being in a marriage not right for me from the time I was a teenager until I was 60, as I am in NKH…

That I can both imagine and write about what I’ve always wanted is a testimony to a need for love, a need for love that I choose! –and not love chosen for me, beginning with a rape when I was fifteen –hardly a good introduction to pleasures of the body that become realized finally in NKH, when the Adorabilis character is 60 years old,

If you are an agent or know of an agent, please contact me via comment to this message or on Facebook  where you can find me as: Thylias Moss


“Dream Baby”

Here’s a photo of “Dream Baby” –as she looked in “Mongongo Drupe” and as she looked for the last date of her incredible, beyond compare weekend with a total fantasy man, called Jesús in the story but

now called: Mr. Higgs –last date involved dinner –incomparable dinner at Vemilion Restaurant in Chicago  (and as she looks now, except that my hair is longer)


For details of that fantasy date that culminated a weekend, please read the current, the latest issue of Callaloo Journal


smaller_Thylias in Cushnie et Ochs dress; photo by Ansted Moss copy


Details on ordering a copy (won’t be in your local grocery stores, probably, due to the sex-positive nature of the content): 

Website of Callaloo: (http://callaloo.tamu.edu/node/227).

Issue of Callaloo in which “Mongongo Drupe” appears:

 issue, 38.1 winter 2015 and can be purchased from this website:
Once the issue is actually published first week of March 2015
A phone number for John Hopkins University Press, publisher of they edition, issue 38.1, Winter 2015, Callaloo: 1.800.548.1784

“Mongongo Drupe Live!

Callaloo 38.1 Winter 2015 p.144-4 smaller_Thylias in Cushnie et Ochs dress; photo by Ansted Moss copy

My pleasure to announce that my story: “Mongongo Drupe” that offers a glimpse of some of what happened on a much-needed weekend in Chicago has been published this week! in Callaloo Journal, issue 38.1, Winter 2015.

My first venture into this type of sex-positive feminism —I received a contributor’s copy on Monday, 16 March, 2015!

Website of Callaloo: (http://callaloo.tamu.edu).  More details:
Issue of Callaloo in which “Mongongo Drupe”  appears:
 issue, 38.1 winter 2015 and can be purchased from this website:
as the issue has been officially published:
A phone number for John Hopkins University Press, publisher of this Callaloo edition, issue 38.1, Winter 2015: 1.800.548.1784
This picture is my own, and appears here only because the story itself has been published, and Jesús [now called: “Mr. Higgs” ]—according to our agreement, realizes that this full color image of me in the dress he adored, by the way, would only go online after the issue was published.  Till then, only his photo.  I’m sure you can understand.
In Callaloo itself, story has a smaller B&W version of the photo.

A Letter to Mr. Higgs: (Once Upon A Tine) –a fairy tale about sex after sixty, poetry, and salvation

Good afternoon! –snow is steadily melting; huge embankments still prevail;

my good news is completion of another draft of my fairy tale, now titled:

“A LETTER TO MR. HIGGS: (Once Upon A Sky-Blue Tine) a fairy tale about sex after sixty, poetry and salvation

— completed only a day later than I wanted, to make an appropriate gift for the man on whom the “Mr. Higgs” / “Prince Charming” character is based –of course no response yet from the one who received a copy…. I’m exceedingly nervous about this, for I spilled all my secrets –chamber of my heart has been purged…. 

When I receive a response, I’ll be sure to post gist, not quotes… For the time being, I’m just so happy to have this Word document, 244 pages long.